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Duchenne Parent Project Logo
Duchenne Parent Project Belgium

We are an independent association of parents and relatives of children with Duchenne muscle dystrophy. Because our children can use all the help they can get, we want to work together to help scientists, doctors, businesses and the government promote and accelerate research into new treatments and medications for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We also want to encourage research and development to improve care, tools and supports. As an advocate for the affected families we also want to facilitate collaboration between businesses and the government.  


Our Primary Goals:

- Collecting funds to support and stimulate scientific research.

- Raising public awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

- Collecting up-to-date information regarding worldwide developments relating to Duchenne

- Informing and supporting parents and family members of Duchenne patients.

To reach these goals we work with, and are inspired by the various Duchenne Parent Projects all over the world. We work closely with Nema and LittleO from the French-Language region and with the Duchenne Parent Project in the Netherlands. Duchenne Parent Project is also a member RaDiOrg (Rare Disease Organisation), the global association for rare diseases.

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