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As parents and close relatives of children with Duchenne, we want to to stimulate the research concerning a treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. A better understanding of the disease and new and effective medication to treat it are of vital importance for our children.

​Funding research is a realistic goal. An average project takes about 2 years and costs about 200.000 euro. That's less than 50 euros an hour

​Every euro of funding is a source of new hope. You can be sure that all the money raised will be spent entirely on the research of DMD. If you want to support our cause, you can make a donation using the info down below.  An invoice can be delivered for companies.


At this moment it is NOT possible to provide a tax certificate due to a transitional arrangement. This will be solved as soon as possible.


We are deeply grateful for your support!

 IBAN: BE21 7350 4875 3703    

Name of beneficiary: Duchenne Parent Project Belgium vzw

address: Peerschat 33, 3150 Wespelaar

Thank you!!!!

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